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Giving to the Trust

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Giving to the Trust  

Regular giving by Bankers Standing Order
The majority of donations to the Trust are given by regular Standing Order payments.

If you use Internet banking, you can set up a standing order from your bank account to the Bluefriars account. To do this, You will need details of the Bluefriars bank account. These are available here or by email from Julian Bewick

Use printed forms
Please download the Standing Order form. If you are a UK taxpayer, we also ask that you complete online Gift Aid form, which is here, so we can reclaim tax on your gifts.

Give as You Earn
You may give in a tax efficient way using the Give As You Earn scheme. Details should be available via your employer.

Giving through your Self Assessment Tax Return
This method of giving is now available to UK tax payers . It allows any individual to nominate a charity to receive tax repayments as donations. Bluefriars is listed on the Inland Revnue website, and for the purposes of this scheme the reference number is QAC37JG .

One Off Gifts
We are always happy to accept gifts. If you pay UK tax, then it is best to use Gift Aid, which can be used for one-off gifts of any size, as well as regular donations. Please us the online Gift Aid form here

If you know a business that would like to sponsor our work, then please get in touch.

The Bluefriars Trust has received one legacy. Bluefriars is a charity, so any gifts made to the Trust in your Will are free of Inheritance Tax.

Charity Details

The Monkton Bluefriars Charitable Trust is registered with the Charity Commission, registered number 1057332

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