Monkton Bluefriars Small Boats Head Race 2011
The Num Div column shows the racing number and division for the crew
Seq Num Div Crew
BR number
Club Names Event Launch Substitute Name and licence number BoatID Boat Licensed?
1019 A235790BOAS WhitbyNOV1x08:50e1440   
2020 A235782BOAG LangfordNOV1x08:49e1440   
3021 A235772BOAJ CambrayNOV1x08:49e1440   
4022 A235785BOAJ WilliamsNOV1x08:48e1440   
5045 C235125MNKJ StupplesNOV1x11:16e1440   
6046 C235126MNKA LeonardNOV1x11:15e1440   
7047 C235127MNKA Leflaive-ManleyNOV1x11:15e1440   
8060 E233262WYCR ParkerNOV1x14:42a1415   
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