Monkton Bluefriars Small Boats Head Race 2010
Winchester Coll Crews
The Num Div column shows the racing number and division for the crew
Seq Num Div Crew
BR number
Club Names Event Launch
123077 C 181668WIN C Bannister
X Le Joncour
F Woodruff
J Gardner
E Barnard
124078 C 181666WIN A Hondsmerk
T Rimmer
F Parker
W Hall
M Newton
125081 C 181670WIN F Benham-Crosswell
J Temple
J Johansen
R Spanos
R Bernon
126082 C 181669WIN O Blanshard
M Moshfeghi
127131 E 181677WIN C Bannister
X Le Joncour
128133 E 181671WIN J Gardner J181x14:09
129136 E 181672WIN A Hondsmerk J171x14:08
130137 E 181673WIN W Hall J171x14:07
131138 E 181674WIN F Woodruff J171x14:07
132139 E 181676WIN T Rimmer J161x14:06
133145 DS WIN SJ144x+Out of ..
134146 DS WIN SJ144x+Out of ..
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