02 Sep Entries will open not later than 6 September

Documents for CLUBS Documents for HELPERS

Information and Instructions

Invitation to Enter
Advice about entering using BROE2
Timetable for the Day
Instructions for Competitors


Water Circulation (pdf)
Land Circulation (pdf)
Plan showing Monitor Positions

Safety and Welfare

Risk Assessment
Welfare Plan
Safety Plan
Weil's Disease

Entries and Results

Starting Order
Summary of entries by clubs and boats
Detailed Entry Lists (of use to Entries Secretaries)
Provisional results (pdf)

Long results (pdf)
Short results (pdf)

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions for helpers and officials have been honed over a period of years and they are now common to the two Head Races run by Avon County RC and the Bluefriars Head Race. These job descriptions are maintained by Avon County and there is a link to them HERE.

The management of the short-course at the Bluefriars race differs from the corresponding race at Avon County. Important supplementary notes should be read by the following people : Race manager, raft marshals, finish team, monitors 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, umpire and timing team at Bottom Bridge, safety boats. These notes are additions to the job descriptions issued elsewhere and take precedence over them for the Bluefriars short-course.

The Short Course
Short Course - Supplementary Notes for Officials
Notes attached to paper numbers

Webscorer - The short course

Notes for the person setting up the webscorer files (pdf)
Notes for Timekeepers (pdf)

Plan showing Monitor Positions