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Task - Watch (S)

Teams of Helpers - Your Team Leader is the Starter (Short Course). As well as reporting in to the Helper Coordinator at Monkton Boathouse, please report to your Team Leader when you arrive. If, later, you need help, please contact him or her first.

Task -

If you haven't done this job before, make sure that you get adequate advice and training before the race from an experienced time keeper.

he watched as will all have been started at the same time, on the hour as shown on a radio controlled clock. This is typically 0800 or 0900. you will also have a spare watch running.

Before timing starts, Check that your watches agree with other watches at your timing point. If a watch stops for any reason, use the spare and restart the stopped watch, preferably on an hour; failing that, on an exact five minutes. Make a note of the time that the watch was started.

Make quite certain that you understand how to use the watch both to record and recall times.

you will have a scribe working with you, and your job is to pass times to the scribe.

Before the first boat arrives at the starting point, make sure that describe as written the time of day in hours when the first boat will pass the point. If the watches were started at 0800, and the race starts at 1015, the hour will be 10 and NOT the 2 hours shown on the clock.

When a single boat passes, readout the time in minutes, seconds and tenths.

At the finish, and when several boats may arrive in close proximity, it is sometimes helpful to have a commentary which may run something like this:

the next boat will be number 57. The minutes will still be 16. Click. That was 16 minutes 33.4. Three boats coming together now. Click. Crew 58. Click. Click. 60 then 59. recalling times from the watch, working backwards, 59's time was 16 minutes 56.2; 60s time was 55.8 seconds, next was 54.7, then 33.4.

It is important to note that when crews approach in quick succession you should not attempt to give the times to the scribe immediately. It is more important to give the crew numbers. The times can be filled in later by recalling them from the watch.

if you make a mistake, for instance by losing concentration and missing the exact time the boat passes the line, give as much information as you can to the scribe. Examples:

"About a canvas late with that crew"

" those two crews have the same time"


When Finished

please liaise with the person who is taking over from you when you finish your duty, and hand on equipment. At the end of the day, please bring all equipment back to the Monkton Boathouse.

Please feel free to suggest improvements to these notes.

Thank you for your help.

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