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Task - Scribe (s)

Teams of Helpers - Your Team Leader is the Starter (Short Course). As well as reporting in to the Helper Coordinator at Monkton Boathouse, please report to your Team Leader when you arrive. If, later, you need help, please contact him or her first.

Task -

If you haven't done this job before, make sure that you get adequate advice and training before the race from an experienced time keeper.

You should be given preprepared timing sheets. They may be colour-coded. Make sure you use the correct sheets for each division. Before using a sheet, please sign it and put the hours c of the time of day into the hours slot of the first row of times. If the race starts at 1015, the hours will be 10, and not to press will probably be recorded on the stopwatch.

you will be passed information by the person with the stopwatch.

The most important thing to write down as the crew number. The time is of secondary importance, as it can be recovered from the watch later if necessary.

You will be told the crew number as it approaches the timing point. if several crews are approaching close together, write all the crew numbers down. If you are given the times later, they will be given in reverse order.

Crew numbers are three digit numbers e.g.025

Write the hour only if it changes.

always write the minutes, seconds and tenths. Occasionally, ask the stopwatch person for the reading number as shown on the watch. write it down. This will help with proofreading later.

Make sure that your writing as legible.

Note that the watches recalled times to the nearest hundredth of a second, .the race only uses tenths, so times need to be rounded. Examples:

10:45.34 rounds to 10:45.3

10:45.37 rounds to 10:45.4

10:45.98 rounds to 10:46.0

if you make a mistake, DO NOT cross out the error. Use the comment column to indicate what has gone wrong.

if the stopwatch holder loses concentration and its late click a crew, write down the time is recorded on the watch and also the comment which may be something like " watch about one second late."

When Finished

please liaise with the person who is taking over from you when you finish your duty, and hand on equipment. At the end of the day, please bring all equipment back to the Monkton Boathouse.

Please feel free to suggest improvements to these notes.

Thank you for your help.

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