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Task - Starter (Short Course)

Teams of Helpers - Your Team Leader is the Secretary. As well as reporting in to the Helper Coordinator at Monkton Boathouse, please report to your Team Leader when you arrive. If, later, you need help, please contact him or her first. You are responsible for :Assistant Starters (Short Start) ,Scribe (s) (Short Start) ,Spotter (s) (Short Start) ,Watch (S) (Short Start) . If you are short of personnel, please consult the Helper Coordinator at Monkton Boathouse

Task -

You need a team of at least 5 - someone to shout "Go", someone with the stopwatch, a scribe, a communication operator and yourself overseeing the operation and instructing crews if necessary. Ideally you should have another stopwatch and scribe making a total of 6 people all together.

At the long start: The start line should be marked for you by the marshalls. Please Time from the petrol pump on the north side of the river. we have permission to use this.

At the short start: there are several monitors posted near the bridge. They can be used to help with timing.

New advice for 2014:

We will make a great effort this year to ensure that boats arrive in the marshalling area in the correct order. The launching order will be as accurate as we can manage. Marshalls along the course will shuffle boats into the right order as they proceed to the start.

Any boats which are late should be held at the Minerva raft, allowing the rest of the division to race off without having to wait for these late comers. They will be allowed to proceed to the start after the rest of the division has raced by.

The decision about which boats to hold at Minerva will be made by event control in consultation with the starter.

The numbers of the boats which have actually launched be broadcast by radio, and marshals will be broadcasting when the last boat passes them on its way to the start.

The Marshall at Minerva will broadcast the numbers of the boats which have launched from there.


Spotter keeps the scribe informed of crews coming towards the timing point. Needed at the finish.

At the finish there should be two independent teams of Scribe+Watch

scribe writes times on the timing sheets

Stopwatch Operator operates the watch

Timing Marshall needed at the finish, armed with a megaphone, to get crews after finishing line and also to ask them for their numbers if they are not visible.

You may care to look at notes written by timekeepers from The Head of the River Race which include stories of things that can go wrong.

Equipment needed in bag 12

Kit requirements in bag 12
Timing Pack1Radio Clock

Phone and Radio Please make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged, switched on and ready to receive calls. Check that its number is recorded accurately on the list. Put into memory, so that you can dial numbers quickly if necessary, the following numbers, which are available on the current phone list:

Phone the first person on this list to make sure that the system is working. In a short call, give your task (printed at the top of this page), your name, and when you expect to finish duty. If you have a radio, sign in on the radio with any people who have '*' attached on the list above.

When Finished

please liaise with the person who is taking over from you when you finish your duty, and hand on equipment. At the end of the day, please bring all equipment back to the Monkton Boathouse.

Please feel free to suggest improvements to these notes.

Thank you for your help.

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