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Task - First Aid

Teams of Helpers - Your Team Leader is the Secretary. As well as reporting in to the Helper Coordinator at Monkton Boathouse, please report to your Team Leader when you arrive. If, later, you need help, please contact him or her first.

Task -

The Secretary is working in the vicinity of the boathouses. The Safety Advisor is posted half way up the course and he is assisted by a radio operator. Your main contact with all the event officials is the Secretary. He can radio or phone to anywhere on the course.

If first aid is needed at a location other than the boathouse, an official will contact you to ask for your help.

At the begining of the session you should be given and Official British Rowing report form for use during the day. This needs to be returned to the secretary at the end of the day

When Finished

please liaise with the person who is taking over from you when you finish your duty, and hand on equipment. At the end of the day, please bring all equipment back to the Monkton Boathouse.

Please feel free to suggest improvements to these notes.

Thank you for your help.

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