Urgent notices about the 2013 race
The 2013 race will be held on Saturday 12 October
5 October 2013 Entries are now closed. Everyone (Competitors, helpers, officials, spectators) Please read the revised note about this year's building works, before coming to Saltford.
September 2013 Entries are now open. Please,(especially this year!) read both the invitation to enter and the note about this year's building works, before entering.
August 2013 Because of building works at Saltford, much of the space traditionally used for parking will not be available this year. Some clubs will be required to boat from Minerva; parking for spectators will be severely limited; clubs are requested to limit the number of vehicles brought to the minimum required. Notes about special arrangements for this year's race are available in the documentation area. Entries Secretaries should read these notes before making entries.