Monkton Bluefriars

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There is a Google map for this event.

This is a new note for supporters, so it lacks detail. It will be expanded later, maybe after the event that it refers to. It is hoped to provide a Google map in time to the event.

It will be a great help if supporters who go to the event would help to make these notes more useful by mailing a few details to Julian Bewick.

These details might usefully include journey time, construction of site, availability of facilities for spectators, good places to watch racing from, etc.

A start has been made on the notes :

See Cardiff Harbour Authority

Also . NB There are very good maps of the course and surrounding area on this website. Also directions about how to get there.

Boat Trailers go to Pierhead Street CF10 4LY

All other vehicles go via Penarth Marina CF64 1TT

Please note that the supporters' car park is a long way from the trailer park. See the location map for details. Supporters planning to bring food for the crews may wish to get it transported to Cardiff in a towing vehicle. Supporters' cars will not be allowed in the trailer park.

If these notes contain errors, or if you have is suggestions for improvements or additions, please e-mail text to Julian Bewick