Monkton Bluefriars

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Notes written in 2012

Monkton crews have not attended Monmouth regatta for some years, so these notes may not be accurate.

The entrance to the boathouse area is not easy to find. Have a look at the Google map. The regatta, trailer Park and car park are all situated between the dual carriageway bypass and the River. Entry is via an underpass as shown on the map.

You will probably drive up the Wye Valley to get to Monmouth. If so, you will cross over the River when you get to the town and will see the boathouse on your right. Immediately after the bridge, there is a set of traffic lights. You can either go straight over into the town, or turn right and go along the bypass to the roundabout about three quarters of a mile away, then turn back into town. This is slightly longer, but probably an easier route.

There is plenty of parking and you can get good views of racing.

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