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The Monkton Bluefriars Small Boats Head Race was founded in 1971, one of the earlier races of its type. It is held at Saltford in the first half of October.

Race Information

Information about entries and results can be found on the website. Click the link above.


The Avon County field adjacent to the A4 is reserved for boat trailers and NOT for cars. Supporters may park in the Riverside Inn overflow car park (See Map). If coming from Bristol, it is suggested that you do not use this car park because of the awkward turn off the main road.

A 2nd car park is normally available in the field adjacent to Avon Valley cars (See map). If the ground is wet, this may be suitable only for four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Supporters are requested NOT to park cars in the trailer field (Point B on the map).

Otherwise, Parking is not easy, and you may have a fairly long walk. Suggestions for parking: either in side streets in Saltford, or at upstream end of the course near Newbridge (Point D on the map).

Watching the Race

View of racing is limited near the boathouse. Either stay near the finishing line, or walk up the bank for about 1200 metres with no view until you come to open space with good views. You can walk all the way to the start.

The best views of the race from the bank are anywhere from the start to the top of the long reach about 1000m before the finish. (Boots recommended).

It is possible to watch the start of races by walking, or by driving towards Bath. Starting at Saltford, stick to A4 until first set of lights (about 2 miles). Fork left at the lights, then go over the river and park.

You can watch racing from Minerva RC which is just down stream of the pub adjacent to the park and ride. If walking, you need to be on the side of the river opposite Minerva.


Portaloos are hired for the day and placed near the trailer park

Food is provided at Avon County Rowing Club

There is a pub with food at the marina 200m downstream from boathouses and another near the start. The 'Jolly Sailor' is about a mile downstream from the finish.

Reminder: Please do NOT park cars in the trailer field.

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