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Ten Tor Experience

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Ten Tor Experience  Alex Murchison

Ten Tors is an annual hike on Dartmoor, during early May. It is considered to be a reasonably hard challenge with a competition aspect to it as well. It is 2 days long with a number of different options for distances. I was part of a team of six, including myself, Edward Hooper, Nick Pritchard, Joss Wheeldon, George Shaw and Euan Haig. We entered the 35 mile challenge, and finished 3 hours into the second day, coming in 2nd place. This was a fantastic result to have finished as a team and to have done so well.

I was very fortunate to join the team as I was the only non-rower in the team. However this did not stop us from having a great time, and helping each other out where we could. They accepted me very quickly into their already establish squad, which I am very grateful for.

We took part in multiple training walks to help prepare us for the main event, Mr Rouan and Mr Thompson accompanied us on these walks and helped us learn the skills needed for the job. Henry Fletcher also joined us in the Brecon Beacons, where we walked through patches of snow and marshland. My funniest moment of the experience was after Henry fell into a pool of ice cold water, and Euan who was right behind him and saw him do it decided to follow him in.

The weather during the actual challenge wasnâ™t too bad, however in a previous training walk in Dartmoor, we got caught in a snow storm on top of one of the tors. This was probably the worst moment for me during the experience, as the visibility was awful, it was snowing, we were walking through marsh and our compass stopped working. So I am very grateful to George, Ed and Joss for getting us off the tor safely.

The hardest moment of our final expedition was when we had just walked up our third torâ¦

Alex Murchison

29-Jan-18 at 03:52:50