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Bluefriars BBQ  Gen Bailhache-Graham

One of the perks of Henley Royal Regatta is watching as thousands of people gather along a grass bank every year, decked out in their finest attire, to watch some of the worldâ™s best rowers push their bodies to the limit, as they drive their boats backwards over the line.

However there is another side to the regatta which is peculiar to most other nations, but a habit beloved by all race goers... that of the car park picnic/BBQ, where the weather is inconsequential, the Pimms flowing is a must and a slightly burnt sausage is a requirement. It is perhaps the only time you can see ladies in silk dresses perched on the back of Volvos in the driving rain, still quaffing champagne.

Well, with traditions such as these, it was perhaps inevitable that Bluefriars would get around to partaking in the event. So this year, 2016, was the first of hopefully many more annual Henley Royal Regatta BBQs. It took place on the Saturday Lunch break, and for those who attended it was a very enjoyable feast... most noticeably OUR sausages were perfectly browned! It was brilliant to see Bluefriarsâ™ members from all eras attending, and hopefully many more will come as the event takes off each year.

We will of course be sending out further information by email, twitter and FB for the exact location and timings of next yearâ™s event. It would be wonderful to see as many there as possible. If you would like to attend, but worry that we may not have an up to date email, please do let us know. Extended family are more than welcome.

Gen Bailhache-Graham

29-Jan-18 at 03:52:51