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It was good to see so many Monktonians old and young enjoying time on the river on OM Day in June. Some of the old men who got into boats for the first time for twenty years looked distinctly worried as they left the rafts, but when their crews re-emerged from under the aqueduct, they were rowing well, and looking as if they would succeed in any veteran race they cared to enter. Let us hope that they were not flat on their backs for days after the event with aches and pains!

2003 has been a year of change for MCSBC. We have lost two loyal, hard-working and influential members of the club, David Conington and Barry Taylor. They have done great work at Monkton, and we wish them both well for the future.

Arrivals have included two job-sharing boatmen, Mike Smith and Carl Purchase who bring with them huge experience, love for the sport, and loyalty to their own club Bradford-on-Avon, to which they have quickly added loyalty to and unstinting support for MCSBC.

14-Sep-17 at 19:11:38