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Please use this form to update information about yourself to Monkton Bluefriars.  If you haven’t already filled out a membership form and don’t yet have a Reference Number then please use this form.

All sections of this form are optional, except for your Bluefriars Reference Number and your name.  If you don’t update a section we will retain the information already held, so if you wish to remove information rather than modify it, please select the section and leave it blank.

A copy of the information you enter on the form will be emailed to your first email address immediately. Soon after this you will be sent an email confirming when the information you have given has been entered into the database, this will include all the information we hold, not just the changes. (Here ‘Soon’ normally means within a week.  It may be slightly longer  while the  database is being developed. )

If you wish to make amendments at any time, use the form again. You will find it useful to have the confirmation email at hand.

The way in which Bluefriars will be obtaining,  storing and using  information you supply will comply with the GDPR 2018  rules.

If you have any concerns about the form, please send an email to membership@bluefriars.org.uk    Your email will be passed to a Trustee of the  Monkton Bluefriars Charitable Trust, who will reply as soon as possible.

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