Membership Form

Registration  form  for Members and Friends of Monkton Bluefriars

Please use this form to send information about yourself to Monkton Bluefriars.

No information is being transferred from the  school database to the new Bluefriars database, so completion of this form is essential if you wish your association with Bluefriars to be continued.

A copy of the information you enter on the form will be emailed to your first email address immediately. Soon after this will be sent an email confirming when the information you have given has been entered into the database. (Here ‘Soon’ normally means within a week.  It may be slightly longer  while the  database is being developed. )

If you wish to make amendments after you get this confirmation email back please use this form. You will find it useful to have the confirmation email at hand.

The way in which Bluefriars will be obtaining,  storing and using  information you supply will comply with the GDPR 2018  rules.

If you have any concerns about the form, please send an email to    Your email will be passed to a Trustee of the  Monkton Bluefriars Charitable Trust, who will reply as soon as possible.

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Reason for using this form

The Bluefriars Reference Number is In the form of BF1234 and is allocated to you after your original data has been accepted for inclusion in the database. This process is not automatic, so may take some time. The Bluefriars Reference Number is included in all emails sent to you by Bluefriars from June 2018. Please note that you cannot submit amendments until your Bluefriars Reference number has been allocated. You will receive an email when this has been done.

Some of the data entry boxes and choices on the form are open. You need to complete these whether the information has changed or not.

Other boxes are hidden unless you choose "Update" in which case the data entry box becomes visible and you need to complete it with new data, or leave it blank if you want nothing recorded. when you send the form, all text and choices made in boxes that are visible will be changed to the new version you are sending. if a box is hidden, then its contents remains unchanged from data sent earlier to Bluefriars.

Name you like to be known as

My Association with Bluefriars

You will probably only need to say YES to on of the seven options below, the last one "Other friend or support" is the catch all. Pleas tick No for all those that don't apply.

Contact Details

Communication Preferences

Information Sharing

Please tick to indicate on what occasions you would be happy for your personal information to be shared beyond Bluefriars trustees.

Rowing Information

Additional Information and Questions for Bluefriars

We would like to tailor our contact with you to be based on your history and preferences. It would be helpful if you would be willing to add some background information.
We hope you will indicate 'YES' I agree that information I give in the 'Additional Information' section may be published, This will help us maintain accurate records. We will of course take note of any restrictions on publication which you may place within the text.