Helper Form


Monkton Bluefriars Small Boats Race 2018

This form is being used to gather information about people who may be willing to help at the head race on 13 October.

The people doing some of the jobs mentioned below need qualifications –  for instance launch drivers need RYA certificates.

There are plenty  of other jobs which need volunteers.  if you’re willing to help in any way  which is not mentioned explicitly, please  just indicate when you’re available by filling in the “SBH  sessions”  section below.

We are sometimes short of race monit ors. Please indicate your willingness to  be a race monitor by ticking one of the boxes in the monitor section.

if you would like further information please email to

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Tick as many as apply
We hope that members of local clubs will be willing to be volunteers. The racing and helping timetables will be arranged so that volunteers can also race.
If you are racing and helping, the timetable will be arranged to avoid clashes.
The heading of this section is confusing. We apologise that for technical reasons it cannot be changed at this stage. It should have been:
Monkton SBH Helper Sessions and Racing Divisions
Please indicate when you can be at the river either to help or to race. We hope you will be at the river for at least two sessions; one of these will be when you race, and the other(s) when you will be helping. We will use information you give when constructing the starting order and helpers' timetable. (Example responses: If you expect to be at Saltford all day, tick the first three boxes. If you cannot arrive for the first session, tick the second and third boxes)
It is likely that the Race Monitor jobs will be done by Monkton helpers. This job involves being on duty for fairly lengthy periods during the day. Monitors should be prepared to attend one of the training sessions being laid on
If you have experience using the WEBSCORER timing system or would like to learn about it, please tick those roles you would tackle confidently.
Please note here any messages for the Secretary and any preferences - e.g. particular jobs you would/would not like to do.